If you are considering lip augmentation


The lips are a central focal point of the lower face and their size, shape and symmetry are all important to the appearance and balance of the entire face.  There are many reasons patients seek improvement in the appearance of the lips.  Some patients desire a fuller more voluptuous appearance to the lips and others want to regain lost fullness or reduce lines and wrinkles.  There is a noticeable gradual thinning and decrease in the volume and height of the lips that occurs with the natural aging process.  This in combination with vertical lines (smoker’s lines) that form along the border of the lip can age a person’s overall appearance.  Lip augmentation can improve size, shape and wrinkling around the lips. 

There are many options for lip augmentation including injectable fillers, implants and surgery.  Which option is best for you will depend on what needs improvement and whether you want temporary or permanent results.  Injectable fillers will give temporary improvement that will last six months and up to a year depending on the type of filler used.  The most common fillers used for the lips include Perlane, Restylane and Juvederm.  Risks from injections include bruising, swelling and temporary lumps and very rarely infection, and nerve or blood vessel injury.  Lip implants are a permanent option to improve size and shape.  This is a minor surgical procedure that places a soft silicone implant into the lip through a small incision in the corner of the mouth.  The risks are similar to lip augmentation but also include displacement of the implant.  Finally there are other surgical procedures to shorten a long lip or to increase the lip height. 

As with any cosmetic procedure, discussing the options with your plastic surgeon is important so that you understand the risks, the limitations and have a realistic expectation of what can and can’t be accomplished.

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